National Eclampsia Registry FOGSI – ICOG

The National Eclampsia registry is a platform to report experiences of eclampsia pan India encountered by the members of the FOGSI .Since its inception in 2008 it has endeavored towards acquiring this information and has found a very faithful and a consistent solicitation by its reporters.

Today’s world is changing very fast and we have realized the need to have a more technologically savvy registry .Easy to report and prompt in response is the new mantra .The purpose is to report in a simplistic manner.

The registry also will be your reference portal for any guidance , assistance in management of your patients . A blog where you can offer your expert comments and a newsletter which will periodically reach your mailbox to keep you updated.

Achievements so far : We have come a long way now from the initial paper based registry to the web enabled registry . Generalized alertness of the members is enhanced and there is more confident approach towards managing these cases . Also the workshops and the newsletters have helped many members tackle this very dreadful eventuality of preeclampsia .More importantly we have been able to analyse our own data and the analytics are available for your reference.

Moving forwards : The final aim is to have an eclampsia free country and therefore our efforts must go on . It is only achievable with all the members joining together and helping the cause of eclampsia eradication . And yes it is possible.